Trailer Things: The beginning of an end is seen in HBO’s #Watchmen

As HBO leads this year’s Emmys in nominations (Game of Thrones with an astounding 32), they wasted no time in previewing possible successors for the Must-See TV title. This October the innovator will drop their adaptation of the Watchmen universe. Based on the critically-acclaimed graphic novel – and separate from the film version – this story takes place sometime in the future. Heroes aren’t herald as bastions of hope, but the complete opposite. To the point that law enforcement must hide behind masks.

Trembling with echoes of our country’s own radicalized ideologies and populations, time is running out as the beginning of the end of the world is upon us. HBO is taking a humongous leap of faith with this material. But risks have what made HBO a staple of prime programming for the past thirty years or so. And with a cast boasting Regina King, Don Johnson, Jeremy Irons, Louis Gossett Jr. and Jean Smart, I don’t see this next epic failing.

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