#TrailerThings HBO has had success with recent miniseries. Will #CatherineTheGreat follow suit?

Helen Mirren stars as Catherine The Great in HBO’s newest miniseries. The series, which is set to air October 21st, follows the reign of Russia’s longest-ruling female leader. Catherine The Great is often remembered for the number of lovers she took during her time in power, and from the looks of the first official trailer, it looks like HBO will hitting on that fact. She was also responsible for the growth of the Russian Empire during the 18th Century through creating new cities, victories in war, and bringing economic stability to the region. It will be interesting to see how HBO plans to cover all of that in only four episodes. Jason Clarke (Mudbound, Pet Sematary) also stars. As does Rory Kinnear ( Penny Dreadful, Years and Years).

Helen Mirren is one of the greatest and most versatile actresses living today. From the trailer, it appears that some of the skill is will be on display in this miniseries. The costumes look amazing, as well as the set. It looks like viewers will be in for a treat this fall.

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