#TrailerThings #MrsFletcherHBO puts a new twist on the coming-of-age story.

Kathryn Hahn stars as Eve Fletcher, a single mother who is looking to live out her sexual fantasies now that her only child has gone off to college. On the flip side, her son, played by Jackson White, is trying to navigate his own sexual experiences as a freshman in college. HBO’s Mrs. Fletcher, based on the 2017 novel of the same name, is written and produced by author Tom Perrotta. The show airs October 27.

Coming-of-age stories have been done time and time again, but I like the idea of this single mother finding her self without her son around, just as he does the same without her being around for the first time in his life. Jackson White is a new name to me, but Kathryn Hahn is one of the most underrated and funniest actresses working today. She genuinely has too many good characters and performances to list, so i won’t, but those performances are why I will be tuning in to Mrs. Fletcher.

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