N.O.T. Review: S2 of #CastleRock solid addition to anthology series

I completed the second season of Castle Rock two weeks ago, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. While I never waded further than episode 2 of the previous season, this one wasted no time in pulling me into it’s tale of dread and unholy faith. I won’t do much rehashing of the plot (you can see that here), but I will highlight the things I enjoyed.

Lizzy Caplan was amazing as the younger Annie Wilkes. She handles Wilkes’ detached persona with ease. Despite her murderous tendencies, the show humanizes this eventual villain, showcasing the unfortunate trauma that shaped her psyche. At this moment in her life, she’s just a mother trying her best to protect her child; a child that means everything to her, and the lone human connected to a bright spot of her past.

In addition to Caplan’s performance, Paul Sparks was menacing as Ace. In both life and death, you root against his brute. No matter how impressive his devious plan seemed to appear. Another standout was Yusra Warsama who triumphed as Dr. Nadia Omar. Having never seen her in anything before, she stole each and every scene as Pop Merrill’s adoptive daughter and step-cousin Chris’ distant love interest. I would love to see her in more roles.

Mentioning Warsama I thoroughly enjoyed the inclusion of the Somalian actors. It was such a breath of fresh air to see that community directly included in the story, and not as throwaway characters. Warsama is a respected physician and love interest. Her brother played by Barkhad Abdi is a competent contractor. Another is a nurse. It was great to see new faces shine.

I’m assuming a third season is on the way, and based on this entry – and possibly a season one re-watch – i’ll be ready.

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