N.O.T.: HBO Max – Most-Anticipated Titles

Wednesday the Tommy Oliver of HBO arrives. The merger of WarnerMedia and HBO begets HBO Max, the long-awaited new streaming service. The latest attendee to the streaming party boasts HBO’s entire catalog as well as WarnerMedia’s extensive content, in addition to new original titles.

Living a streamable life, I pre-ordered the service through my current HBO Now subscription (at no extra cost). It just isn’t my extreme FOMO that has me eager. The content they’re promising may be the best of the new kids on the block.

While Disney+ handed us The Mandalorian, the nostalgia didn’t last long. And Apple TV+ has yet to deliver a universal hit. Peacock is just any given Saturday afternoon programming, which leaves room for HBO Max to settle right next to Hulu and king Netflix as the holy trinity.

The service is promising a plethora of content, spanning networks and film studios’ content of past, present and future. Here are my six most-anticipated titles arriving May 27 and beyond.

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